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About the Law Firm

The Law Firm was established in 1994. It is based on the long-term experience of the managing partner Jarosław Dawid, Attorney.
Thanks to our dynamic and efficient Team and permanent associates, we conduct services for our Clients in the territory of Poland and abroad. Qualified lawyers render services at the highest level.
The Law Firm strictly observes the principle of absolute discretion.
In our activities we combine traditional reliability with modernity. Each more complex case is dealt with by at least a three-person team composed of two professional lawyers (depending on the case type – e.g. attorney, legal counsel, tax advisor or patent attorney) and a technical assistant. This type of work organization allows us to select the optimal course of action, and also to provide a fully objective assessment of the current status of a case.

The Law Firm is located on two levels in a modernistic building in the centre of Częstochowa. The historical decoration of the interior is recreated with reverence in the art deco style that is derived from the best years of the Second Polish Republic.