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Department of Compliance


The Department of Compliance is reaching towards the expectations of our Clients and provides advice in making strategic business decisions. Enterprises and organizations are currently running in an uncertain business environment. The main aim is focused on lowering the risk connected with making serious decisions. Our lawyers adjust the existing procedures in a given company to fit in the legal reality. We ensure current supervision over all legal aspects of the Client’s activity in order to avoid illegal regulations. Read more ikonka więcej

We introduce a system of compliance ensuring maximal legal and organizational security. Our goal is to prevent conflicts of interest, the introduction of principles pertaining to cooperation with external entities or the adjustment of internal regulations.
Above all, we create internal control systems for our Clients, which allow them to freely move through the complex business reality.
Our assistance is focused on effective advisory services in the scope of risk management as well as on the best adjustment of structures, business processes and the profile of organizations.

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