Dawid & Partnerzy

Pro bono


We participate in the annual Free Legal Consultation Day (Dzień Bezpłatnych Porad Prawnych) organized by the Supreme Bar Council and in the “Precious Gift” campaign (“Szlachetna paczka”).
Regardless of this fact, we constantly support charity, especially those pertaining to ill children and youth. Each year we organize a Monegasque charity reception which is to support those in need.
Attorney Jarosław Dawid has been socially engaged in the attorney self-government since 1995 – Professional Conduct Committee of the Częstochowa-Piotrków Bar (Sąd Dyscyplinarny Częstochowsko-Piotrkowskiej Izby Adwokackiej), since 2004 acting as the Vice-president, and since 2007 as the President of the Bar Court.
Moreover, he has been a member of the Water Rescue Service (WOPR) since 1984; since 1986 as a lifeguard thereof.
Attorney Łukasz Niestrój was appointed as an alternate member of the Disciplinary Court of the Bar (Sąd Dyscyplinarny Izby) in 2016.
We support the activities of Student Scientific Organizations by cooperating with them in the organization of symposiums, conferences and discussion panels on interesting legal problems.