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Career path


Join the professionals!

Specifically for our Associates we have developed “a career path” which guarantees that Team members have optimal and stable conditions for development and the establishment of their position in the Law Firm as well as it ensures remuneration growth which is proportionate to the obtained experience.

A person who satisfies all the criteria at particular stages of career to the maximum extent. The person links his/her professional future exclusively with Dawid & Partnerzy.

A person who passed the professional exam with a good or a very good result and is listed as an attorney or legal counsel.
He/she co-conducts, and as experience is gained – individually conducts cases of the Law Firm and becomes responsible for them.

A person who is already in attorney’s or legal counsel’s training and passed the exams thereto related with a good or very good result.

A person who gains knowledge on the characteristics of work in the Law Firm, its Team, learns about the existing principles therein, participates in – as an audience – in trials regarding various areas of law, draws up the simplest letters, participates in certain Team meetings, supports the work of the Law Firm’s administration.